KS-APS supports i-APS in monitoring Multi-Sectoral Assistance and Nutrition Response in Yemen

KS-APS is glad to have worked alongside i-APS Data collection teams in Yemen to conduct interviews in some of the most conflict-affected areas in Yemen. Our data management and analysis team from Kosovo have supported i-APS to conduct a final evaluation for the Multi-Sectoral Assistance and Nutrition Response (MANR) Project in Yemen funded by USAID’s OFDA fund and implemented by ADRA Yemen.

We are fortunate to monitor this project’s activities that aim to provide life-saving interventions in Yemen to address the dire health and nutrition conditions faced by people and alleviate the underlying food security issues by restoring livelihoods and agriculture cultivation.

“It was wonderful to hear all the heartwarming stories of benefiting families expressing their gratitude to those in charge of the humanitarian assistance at ADRA for restoring their hope in times of crises” i-APS Yemen Enumerator.

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