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KS APS | Monitoring Distribution of School Supplies in Yemen

Monitoring Distribution of School Supplies in Yemen

i-APS and KS-APS are pleased to continue to be able to work together with UN entities in Yemen to ensure the quality of aid delivery in the most challenging contexts. This time we are monitoring support for education and learning supplies for children and adolescents. 

Our Data Management Unit operating in Kosovo have been closely engaged in processing responses from all participants and presenting findings in real-time data visualization. This helped us have a clear view on the extent to which the support program was delivered at all phases of supply distribution and inform our client’s implementation process.

From October to February the i-APS data collection team in Yemen have been monitoring the supply distribution in over 1500 schools from 22 Governorates in Yemen. Supplies include: School desks, school bag kits, science kits, whiteboards, etc.

“Due to the war, many students have unfortunately been forced to  drop out of school and others have been unable to register. With the support of UN organizations in Yemen, over 1500 schools have received school supplies to alleviate difficult education conditions for children. Despite rocky mountainous regions and remote places, the conditions of war in Yemen, the i-APS team in collaboration with KS-APS was able to monitor and verify the distribution, specifications, and quantities of school supplies delivered. Our team is glad to support UN organizations in verifying the distribution of supplies that have a major role in motivating students to return to school and improving the quality of education in Yemen.”

i-APS Data Collector, Yemen

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