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Kosovo Advisory, Products, and Systems (KS-APS) is a consulting firm based in Prishtina that provides high quality services to clients in the areas of financial management, innovation products, and communications. We serve clients worldwide who operate in the international humanitarian and development sectors.         KS-APS is part of the International Advisory, Products and Systems (i-APS) Affiliate Firm Network. i-APS Affiliate Firms in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa are independently-owned and locally-operated (For more information about i-APS see: www.i-APS.com.)

Main Responsibilities:

  • The Senior Software Developer is to take a managerial role and lead the entire development team throughout all stages of building software applications for KS-APS and i-APS from design, to deployment, evaluation, and maintenance.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance, tracking support and enhancements in existing systems and platforms

Tasks and responsibilities :

  • Closely collaborate with the software product designer to create and/or improve existing design, architecture and action plan for the entire development process for all prodcuts.
  • Assign roles, tasks, and manage the entire software development team. 
  • Draft planning and requirement analysis for the development of new software applications and existing ones. 
  • Work alongside the Product Team Leaders and monitor their work.  
  • Assist and supervise the team of developers in all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Defining front-end and back-end architecture for responsive websites and software applications.
  • Support the designing and developing of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for highly user-interactive software applications.
  • Conduct technical analysis and testing for the developed products according to i-APS’s requirements, and recommend solutions to identified technical issues.
  • Collaborate closely with the product designer. 
  • Occasionally carry out the front-end and back-end development tasks for responsive software applications.
  • Provide technical expertise in facilitating the recruitment procedures for new local programmers/developers.
  • Identify and suggest necessary training on coding skills (including specific programming languages) for staff members engaged in developing software applications


Skills to be demonstrated:

  • Knowledge of software architectural patterns such as:  MVC, MVVM, Clean architecture, N-TIER architecture, etc.
  • Knowledge of relational database management systems ( MSSQL)
  • Proficient knowledge of a back-end programming languages and frameworks, such as: C#, .NET Core, Entity Framework, SQL Server, API 
  • Proficiency with fundamental front end languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, REACT  JS. 
  • Preferred experience in using online team management tool/s. 
  • Extensive experience in managing software development processes 
  • Understanding of accessibility and security compliance practices 
  • Knowledge of user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments  
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Github 
  • Fluent in English


Educational Qualification:

All interested candidates must at least have a bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science or any other relevant area to accomplish the tasks.

Professional Experience:

A minimum of 5 years of work experience as a .Net Developer.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit their electronic application in English, in PDF version, to tech@i-aps.com no later than March 30th, 2022. Please make sure to include:

– CV

– Diploma, Certificates,  References/Recommendations (Optional)