Technology and Innovation

We deliver services that transform inter-organizational management by integrating innovative tools that enhance accountability and performance. We design integrated systems that best match organization needs with augmented intelligence that offer monitoring, management and analytical solutions. Our work is based on an approach of developing and utilizing practical, people-centered technology solutions that collect data to ensure accurate representation of the facts on-the-ground, whether our clients are working in humanitarian crises, conflict zones or fragile states.

We understand that for all successful organizations, timely and well-informed programmatic decision-making is central to enabling effective planning, prioritizing scarce resources and maximizing productivity. This means that the integration of appropriate data-management technologies with your workforce needs is critical for your organization’s effectiveness.

Our software products include:

E-learning platform


The KS-APS development team is happy to commence work on producing a learning platform for individuals and organizations in the humanitarian sector.

KAP surey grey

Data Management Tool


KS-APS is soon about to launch one of our latest software products aimed at facilitating
field researchers manage and present data.