Technology and Innovation

We specialize in designing integrated systems that precisely align with the specific needs of organizations, utilizing augmented intelligence to provide monitoring, management, and analytical solutions. Our approach is centered around developing and employing practical, people-centered technology solutions. These solutions allow for the collection of accurate on-the-ground data, making them invaluable for clients operating in challenging environments such as humanitarian crises, conflict zones, or fragile states. We refer to this approach as "Design Thinking," which forms the foundation of our solutions that directly address our client’s unique requirements.

Therefore, we understand the significance of integrating suitable data management technologies that align with the requirements of your workforce. By effectively combining technology and human expertise, we empower organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their goals more efficiently.

To maintain consistency and brand recognition, all our technical products are branded under the KAP brand. KAP stands for Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices, which is a widely-used model for understanding human behavior across various industries. By leveraging this model, we ensure that our products not only provide cutting-edge technology but also take into account the complexities of human behavior and enable organizations to drive positive change effectively.

E-learning platform

The KS-APS development team is happy to commence work on producing a learning platform for individuals and organizations in the humanitarian sector.

Data Management

Tool KS-APS is soon about to launch one of our latest software products aimed at facilitating filed researchers manage and present data.


All our technical products are branded under KAP brand.

KAP means Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, a model for understanding human behavior and used across various industries.

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“At KS-APS we are constantly working to innovate the industries we work with and provide the latest technologies and resources to communities in need.“

KS-APS Product Development Team